We believe the definition of leadership is the act of mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges. With that as the foundation of GRIFF Strategic Leadership, it is our goal to provide clients with services based on tested strategy and leadership practices, and resources that help them navigate the fast-paced and often volatile business environment.


“…Simply expressing the gratitude for what you did this week is not enough.  I came to this organization from the outside and it is a battle to change the culture (one brick at a time to form the new foundation).  Your dynamic personas truly inspired all in attendance and will help change that culture….”  – Ken H.

“Griff’s facilitation of the Leadership Dayton retreat was very impressive. His ability to manage the group, facilitate interaction and encourage teamwork truly made it a great experience. He has a gift for drawing out the best from each person and identifying the value each person brings. I left feeling energized and inspired by the concepts Griff shared.”  – Jackie D.

“Wonderful, energizing speaker. I wish I could bottle it!”…”Fantastic presentation skills”…”Clear mastery of  subject”…”This was an awesome session. I left with great ideas!”  – Participants of the ‘Energize, Connect, Inspire’ workshop at the conference of the Association of Leadership Professionals conference.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the tremendous knowledge that you bestowed upon us.  I particularly enjoyed the Strategic Planning component.  I do hope that our paths will once again cross in the not too distant future.”  – Charlie G.

“Working with Griff has been a highlight of my career. He has supported and challenged me to achieve my true purpose in life. He has enabled me to focus on what matters most to me and how I might best proceed to follow a fulfilling career path.”  – Deb C.

“You are a great professor and I walk away from this class and the MBA program grateful to have had the opportunity to gain from your approach.  Most importantly the language you use and ability to present/work a room is what I found impressive.  Watching you during class and then listening to how you interact with GPO officials and guest speakers really provided me with how I attempted to present the information the team gathered during our last class.”  – James B.

“It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Griff Hall for the past two years to create and implement a Leadership Development Institute for Anne Arundel County Public Schools.  He has been instrumental in curriculum development, class selection, and outreach to the larger community as we have developed the Leadership Development Institute.  Griff’s expertise also extends to fundraising efforts and strategies.  In all that he does, Griff is a collaborative leader whose talent has been invaluable in our goal of connecting the school system employees to the larger community and providing them with greater insight and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist.  As a result of Griff’s ability to help plan and institute a unique partnership and program, we have found him to be an invaluable resource.”  – Sarah P.

“What a Powerful day!  Thanks so much for bringing your insight and passion.  Your session will help us so  much as we move toward where we need to be as leaders and as a college.”  – Michael C.